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Green Tea Mask Stick for Face

Natural ingredients

Gignovus green tea mask contains green tea extract, which can control the oil from the source and deeply clean the pores. It’s natural and gentle, doesn’t hurt the skin, can solve the problems of shiny face, dry skin. It could quickly solve your facial skin problem and give you a better image.

Remove Blackheads

For the Gignovus green mask stick itself, it removes blackheads to a certain degree. After using it, the skin looks much cleaner and smoother. Green tea face mask stick is a specially modulated oil controlling clay stick mask for the face.It’s a good deep cleanse green tea mask.

Easy to Carry

The green tea stick mask has characteristics of small size and lightweight, so it is very convenient to carry on. You may carry it in your pocket or your cosmetic bag whenever you go.

Easy to Use

The deep cleanse green tea mask stick adopts the design of rotating head that is more convenient to apply and prevents your hands becoming dirty. Clean your face, then apply the green tea clay mask stick on the face, wait for 10-15 minutes, then rinse with water.

Kind reminder

Before using green tea mask stick on your face, it’s recommended that you try a small amount of green tea cleansing mask stick on the skin on your hand or behind the ear. Don’t use it for children.